The soundtrack that is playing " Sine On Me " was released in February of 2016 -  The management loves this track but Tony and his new producer Michael Messer decided to find a new musical direction.....And they did!

Michael said to the musicians before starting the recordings:

" Let's not do the obvious thing "

Soon the first single from "Redemption " with Michael Messer & Richard Causson as producers!

"Shine On Me" Credits: Song was written by M.C.Queen And Tony Lee King PRODUCED by Igor Ivanović VIDEO by Max & Nikša


Come back of the "Bluesman"

Tony made his comeback to live performances at the 7th Kastav Blues Festival- Matulji, amazing performance with lots soul of rock'n'roll going on...

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Wonderful pictures by Dalibor Zigante

This picture is probably one of the best pictures of Mr TLK taken up to this moment...Dalibor did a perfect job, you can almost feel the soul of this artist just loocking at the picture.

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TLK in Memphis

The career of Mr King seemed not to go anywhere in 2015, but 2016 had some plans for this unique artist. After being chosen to represent Croatia at the 32nd International Blues Challenge, Tony had a great time in Memphis and recorded his new video number for his single" Shine On me ".

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The story of " Redemption "


Like mentioned above, TLK made his live comeback at the Kastav Blues Festival in 2014 after 5 years of playing but not really ...

That year Tony met Mr Michal Messer, and the next year, they performed at the Kastav Blues again and started to make plans of Michael producing TLK 's new album. That winter TLK was in the states, and after returning he talked to Mr Messer about the album. The financial issue was a problem like always but thanks, God, Tony found business partners in good friends that decided to help him out for the album.

Gordana and Željko Mendaš, Croatian friends that are living in Paris became the executive producers of Tony Lee King's " Redemption"


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