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TONY LEE KING – The man and his music




Tony Lee King was born in Croatia on the 22nd November 1963. He was educated in Paris, France and as a child, he showed a great deal of talent for music. When Tony was seven years old he began playing the mouth harmonica, felt in love with the music of Ennio Morricone, and by the age of seventeen, he discovered the difference between infatuation and love. The B. B. King’s musical album”Six Silver Strings” issued in 1985, ordered his life path and musical orientation. And that took him to a truly strange and amazing direction: When he turned 21, he sang with „Zabranjeno Pušenje“ – „NO SMOKING„ a famous band in ex-Yugoslavia a hit song “the State of Shock” (from their double album “While Waiting The Dawn With The Devil” (meaningful title for every bluesman)), and then went on ,leaving his country of origin for a life with no security: „Where to live, sleep, how to make a livin’? The streets of Europe became his home….

The idea of becoming a pro musician – bluesman sent him on a non-return journey, where Tony has to, first of all, learn how to survive on the streets. Well, we as a management team believe that that fact makes Tony „ The Bluesman par excellence„.

Today there is no cotton fields and real slavery where the black people from America got that blues feeling. Tony Has Got the surviving one and man you have to hear that.

Somethin between Buddy Guy and Elvis…an thrilling emotion – rough but smooth The journey that this young man took lasted for more than 20 years through Europe’s major cities (Paris, London, Venice and other cities in Italy …Germany- Switzerland….etc. ), their streets, bars and festivals (London Chelsea Blues Festival, Lugano Jazz Festival) on which stages he created, raised and lived the blues.

Tony Lee King is probably one of the few Croatian artists who plays blues professionally, and the place where he played are really hard to number. He played on almost all national tv shows, in Zeljko Malnar’s “Nightmare stage,” HRT “Right time”, “Time for Jazz” … “Good Morning Croatia” … “Black and White in Colour” … etc., Tony after returning to Croatia from England A regular guest of the famous BP club and a favourite on of the legendary Bosko Pertović … at prestigious festivals, two summer tours on the Adriatic coast … in fact any place where there are people who want to listen to music, not just hear it.

The artist that made the greatest impact on Tony’s career are B. B. King, Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Elvis Presley. Tony is also a great fun of Zucherro, Gary Moore, early Paul Young…Chriss Rea…and many others who helped him create his own identity.

Behind him are four albums – one with covers, one live and one with original material and the fourth one is “The Best Of” that provides an overview of his musical journey at the beginning of this century. A number of today unreleased tracks, four live recordings, three songs from previous albums as well a cooperation with many famous musicians and producers from Croatia makes the contents of this album unique and desirable in the collection of true music lovers and fans of blues and related music.