Tony Lee King & Stones Tribute band live upcoming concerts

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9.3.2019. Caffe bar Mrav, Trnsko 25a 10020 Zagreb od 21h

23.3.2019. Hotel Time Media evening

The 23th of March from 20h Tony is presenting his new band " Stones Tribute Band" new single and his upcoming artistic activity with a special  dinner and Showcase for the media, managers and promoters!

Hotel Time, Kolodvorska 64, 

10410 Velika Gorica 20h

25.4.2019 Dom kulture Galženica Saturnus Band present Tony Lee King

TLKs' management team is working on the promotion of this unique artist , Tony with his new band Saturnus with a new name" Stones Tribute Band" wants as many gigs as possible in clubs, event and festivals before reaching a larger audience.