The story of ” Redemption “

the new album by Croatian artist, TONY LEE KING

After five years away from the live music scene, having been forced to sing on the streets because he was so disillusioned with the way the industry had treated him, Tony Lee King made an amazing comeback at the Kastav Blues Festival in 2014.

As well as gaining a whole new audience that night, Tony Lee King met British recording artist, producer and Honorary Citizen of the City of Kastav, Mr Michael Messer.

A year later in 2015, Tony Lee King and Michael Messer were both performing again at the Kastav Blues Festival and discussions started about the idea of them working together in London to produce a new TLK album with a new sound.

After many emails and phone calls, Tony spoke with his Croatian friends, Gordana and Željko Mendaš, and they agreed to become the executive producers and fund the making of this new album, which was to be titled REDEMPTION.

Following a trip to Memphis to perform at BB King’s Blues Club, Tony Lee King and Michael Messer met again in Kastav and plans were finalised for Tony Lee King to record an album in London with Michael Messer as the producer.

Michael Messer put together a band of some of the UK’s finest musicians and also brought in Mr Richard Causon to be the co-producer. Richard has worked with Sir Tom Jones, Alanis Morrissette, Ryan Adams, The Jayhawks, and many other great artists.

REDEMPTION was recorded at London’s Leif Storm Studios in September 2016.

This new album is a true REDEMPTION for TONY LEE KING.

“That night at the Kastav Blues Festival in 2014, as soon as I heard Tony Lee King singing and playing his guitar, I knew I was in the presence of a special artist whose soulful music reached out and touched his audience. I am very proud of the album we recorded together in London. The songs are from the heart and were written and performed with a rare passion and depth. REDEMPTION is the real Tony Lee King and I hope the music will reach out and touch many souls”

Michael Messer.