Message from Tony Lee King

"This song is dedicated to the best R'n'R band ever" The Rolling Stones" and in memory of the late Charly Watts!

God Bless his soul"

New Video from the artist!

Another Single & Video

Tony breathed new life into the first ballad he ever wrote. Watch the video on the new Youtube channel!

Concert dates (2021)

11.06.21. Tony performed as Headliner at the 12th ZG Blues Festival

17.06.21. Poetry evening of our award-winning writer Darija Žilić-Mraclin (TLK) atmosphere with musical numbers

20.06.21. 9. VG Blues Rock Festival (ninth edition) festival and promotion of Bluesman beer and Bluesman brand

24.06.21  Samobor Jazz Festival concert

23.07.21  Split Blues festival opening

24.07.21. Fruit Land Cafe SUPETAR BRAČ

25.07.21. Fruit Land Cafe SUPETAR BRAČ

14.8.21. LOKVE-a concert on the lake

Stay tuned for more dates! 

Bluesman beer!

Tony Lee King and his new beer: Bluesman

Famous blues singer and producer Tony Lee King has pushed the boundaries of Croatian music and entrepreneurship. After years of playing and performing all over Europe and representing Croatia at the International Blues Competition in the American city of Memphis, he created his own brand of craft beer, which is already being tested at numerous festivals.

General News (July, 2021)

Of course, the world doesn’t stop because of someone’s success or failure … But it’s nice to hear the success stories of our little people … So has our famous “Croatian blues spokesman” Tony Lee King, as he was called by the late music critic Dražen Vrdoljak experienced his five minutes in both the music and business world. One of the owners of TLK GROUP, which includes the company GENOX d.o.o., TLK EKOLOGIJA d.o.o.-manufacturers of eco-detergents and disinfectants are experiencing a boom during the pandemic because they have a formula for alcohol-free disinfectants and have both HALAL and KOŠER ISO certificates.


Business success has also given this modest and energetic performer artistic wings. Tony founded his own label Bluesman d.o.o. in 2020. and published his work under the Bluesman Music brand. At the end of 2020 he signed a contract with Menart on representation on digital platforms, which means that our artist is present all over the world through BELIEVE MUSIC digital distribution (audio and video).

Bluesman d.o.o.has its own marketing team that slowly but surely represents and promotes Tony on today’s unavoidable social networks.With the help of his partner, Tony is promoting his “Redemption” album, recorded a few years ago in London with the production team of Michael Messer and Richard Causon, and re-releasing the video for the song “Too Many People” from the same album. “Can’t Go On” the first ballad TLK ever wrote.Phones ring very quickly; the pandemic subsides and concerts begin.

At the beginning of 2021, Tony is the winner of the “ANNUAL AWARD for the historical contribution to the Croatian blues scene”. The handover of the award took place live on HRT in the show “Good Morning Croatia”

Tony Lee King, winner of the annual award for historical contribution to the Croatian blues scene, presents new single and video “Too Many People”, released under new record label Bluesman Music. The beautiful pop-blues ballad was recorded at London’s Leif Storm Studio, produced by Richard Causon, a top studio musician, who has collaborated with Ethan Johns, Tom Jones, Kings Of Lion and many other famous musicians. The author of the music is Tony Lee King, the lyrics were written by M.C. Queen, and the arrangement was made by Richard Simon Causon and Michael Messer. This interesting and emotional video was shot in Zagreb’s Štros, in elegant black and white technique.


New material from award winning artist

New Single & Video


“I have a cardboard box with about 40-50 cassettes of original music, on which there are at least two to three unpublished songs per cassette, a hundred ideas … One of those was “Too Many People”, which has existed for almost twenty years. The song is about a world that often doesn’t recognize the right people and most talented or just good people go through worse in life. It is an autobiographical song, written after negative experiences experienced with various people from the music industry. But I’m not giving up, I’m still going my own way, more optimistic than ever before.” says Tony Lee King.

Tony's new Interview in the "World of Culture"

I play everything in a blues way

“Blues is universal music, which has been promoted at the highest level by the Croatian Blues Force for more than a decade, and I believe that blues exists and that it is alive in Croatia and has a bright future.”

Tony's Big Interview in "24sata"

Recognized and embraced by Boško Petrović

“Boško Petrović was his music mentor and father. Without his help, he believes, Tony Lee King would not exist today. But after the BP club, the musical situation in Croatia has changed, especially for the blues.”

Tony In The Press

Coronavirus, Blues & Genox

“Among the uncountable musicians that took the stage, the BP had its permanent band. Among its members was that guy we knew as Tony Lee King, a Croat of a most interesting biography and a blues guitarist and singer par excellence. And then, quite recently and owing to coronavirus, we met by chance again. We found out that Tony Lee King and Antonio Culina are one and the same person.”

"Chronicles of Velika Gorica"

Presenting Tony Lee King

“That he is a gentleman, Tony Lee King showed right from the start with an introduction that began with a three-course dinner with a selection of wines selected. Although the dinner ended with dessert in the end, the real treat arrived when he stepped on stage and grabbed his guitar…”

New Album release


In front of a packed hall at the Kaptol Boutique & Cinema bar, this Croatian artist presented his fifth piece in a row. The new album brings the sound of blues and soul by a Tony you have never heard before. Many visitors have commented that the album is ready for the world music market.

The album was recorded in October 2016 at London’s Leif Storm Studio and produced by Richard Causon, a top studio musician who has collaborated with Ethan Johns, Tom Jones, Kings Of Leon and other well-known musicians.